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Myth: Rub the stain to remove it

DIY and all-purpose cleaners may seem like cheap and easy solutions to stain removal, but they often worsen the problem. If you want to avoid irreparable stain absorption or other damage, take a moment to read this article that debunks popular stain removal myths. Contact us now

When we’ve spilled something on a carpet or furniture, we instinctively want to get rid of the stain as quickly as possible. So we often start by scrubbing at the stain, hoping that if we scrub hard enough, we will remove it! Unfortunately, this tactic will make the stain even more difficult to remove by rubbing it into the fibers. The most effective way to remove recent stains is to use warm water and a cloth. Wet the cloth and gently “poke” the stain with it, starting from the edges and moving towards the center.
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Myth: Use white wine for red wine stains

Many swear that this is how they removed more than one stain. They say that adding white wine, clear alcohol (often gin), or a mixture of both is the best way to remove red wine stains. It is less effective than using a stain remover. Using an experienced specialist will give you a much better result – we often clean red wine stains from carpets and upholstery in hotels. Plus, you’ll save a glass of white wine!

Myth: Dishwashing detergent will work as an upholstery stain remover

The dishwashing detergent is chemically mild and fiber-safe. This is why it is sometimes recommended as a way to remove stains. However, using it as a stain remover will leave a sticky residue. Therefore, your carpet will get dirty again much faster. This is because dishwashing detergent is designed to wash with large amounts of water – much more than you can use on carpets or furniture!
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Myth: Professional stain removal is expensive

Home cleaners may seem like an inexpensive stain removal solution, but contacting professionals is a wise choice. Homemade cleaning products or a poor homemade cleaner can damage your carpet and upholstery, and reupholstering your sofa will cost many times more than professional upholstery cleaning.