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To conserve energy and cut down on costs while cooking with your oven, consider following these three valuable recommendations.

Amidst the prevailing energy crisis, we are all attempting to make minor alterations.

In the home, the kitchen holds a special place as the hub of activity, where we typically use the most electrical appliances. To cut down on energy consumption and costs when using the oven, follow these three helpful tips. It’s worth noting that the majority of energy usage – approximately 80% – is consumed by heating and hot water, with cooking accounting for only 3%. Washing machines and fridge freezers use up 6% and 4% respectively, with the remaining 7% devoted to miscellaneous devices.

Saving money is possible by changing habits.

The Energy Saving Trust provides valuable guidance on how to optimize your energy usage in the kitchen. With a plethora of options available, there’s no shortage of changes you can make to reduce your energy consumption.

Since we have a soft spot for ovens, we would like to share three tips that can help make your oven the most energy-efficient appliance in your household.

Here are three tips from Oven Loving for a more efficient oven


It is crucial to ensure that the seal around your door is tightly fitted to prevent energy leakage. A poorly fitted seal can lead to heat loss, resulting in increased energy usage and higher costs. It is common to find damaged or loose seals in homes, but replacing them is simple and affordable. Oven Loving can guide you on where to purchase a new seal, and during oven cleaning, we remove the old one and replace it with the new. Similar to blocking a draft at your door, a tight seal prevents heat loss and reduces energy usage. Contact us for advice on the matter.


To ensure a constant oven temperature, minimize opening the oven door during cooking. Each time the door is opened, additional energy is needed to restore the desired temperature. However, it may be necessary to open the door occasionally to check on the contents. To avoid this, it is important to maintain a clear view of the oven’s interior. Regularly cleaning the door is an easy and affordable way to achieve this. We recommend using Home Loving Daily Surface Cleaner and Cleaning Boost to eliminate grease and grime, followed by Glass Cleaner for a flawless, streak-free finish. This simple task takes only a few minutes and will save you money in the long run.

Water droplets are visible inside the glass.

Frequently, droplets seep through the glass of the oven door. In case you are uncertain about accessing the space between the glass, consider scheduling a professional oven cleaner for a routine cleaning every six months. For Range or Double Ovens, if you only require the cleaning of one primary oven, specify the desired oven space to be cleaned.

Maintain cleanliness for efficient heat flow as ovens must be kept clean.

In addition to providing clean doors, regular maintenance cleans offer several other advantages. They help eliminate carbon build-up on the elements and sides, which facilitates better heat reflection throughout the oven. This results in enhanced oven efficiency and uniform temperature distribution across the oven space, leading to more even cooking and reduced need for frequently opening the oven door to turn food.

The dreaded task of cleaning your oven, hobs, and extractor is a common household chore that many dislike. Our clients call on Oven Loving for their top 5 reasons to clean it professionally, with added maintenance tips for in-between visits.

If you’re interested in a professional oven cleaning experience, simply call or book online. Alternatively, we offer an oven cleaning course to teach you how to clean it yourself.

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