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Carpeting gives our home warmth and cosiness. At our workplaces carpets not only look cosy but also collects allergens, dirt, toxic substances and viruses. Preventing all the harmful substances from contaminating the air we breathe.

However, they do require constant maintenance to protect your health. In addition to that maintenance of the carpet will allow the carpet to serve you longer

We really understand that life is busy and therefore it’s fun! And as a result, red wine or coffee placed in the wrong place can make a “whoopsie” and the aesthetic image of our carpet and furniture is ruined. But don’t worry that’s why we are here!
We care about your precious health and well-being, so we are offering carpet cleaning services, we not only going to walk you through all the technical matters, but we want you to know that we are here to help in any way we can.

The work is carried out using the extremely powerful AirflexStorm, equipped with high-quality deep cleaning and several times shorter drying time for carpeting or furniture. Work can be arranged in the evenings or every other weekend. The prices depend on the complexity of the work, access and actual scope (contamination of the carpet, moving furniture, etc.) Discounts are available for more extensive work or preventive maintenance. Order carpet cleaning in Dublin!
Frequently asked questions

Should I have my carpets vacuumed before ordering services?

Light vacuuming of surfaces is recommended but not required. Our specialists will additionally dry vacuum all areas you ordered because roughly 70 percent of the dirt in the carpet is dry dirt. Our powerful wet vacuum will extract the remaining dirt that was underneath all the fibre thoroughly.

How long will my carpet take to dry?

Drying times depend on the room’s humidity, temperature, and Airflow. Depending on the factors I mentioned, it may take 2 to 4 hours for the carpet to dry completely. You can walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning, but we advise you not to wear the shoes that you have worn outside so that it does not stain the carpet again before it has finished drying. Be especially careful when moving from wet carpet to uncovered areas, as you may slip and injure yourself.

My carpet was cleaned, but the same stains reappeared after a while. What should I do?

Stains cleaned from the carpet usually do not reappear, but some dirt may reappear on the surface. If this ever happens, contact on +353851236290, within 24-48 hours of the service. We will re-clean – free of charge.

Do you guarantee that all stains will disappear from the carpet?

We cannot guarantee that we will remove all the old stains or spots. Many substances and liquids can damage the carpet or change its colour.

The age of the carpet and the material of the carpet are essential factors when it comes to the results. Our specialists will identify the stains before cleaning, but once again, there are situations when the carpet is damaged beyond repair. Some damage can only be seen after removing the dirt covering them.

How do we clean carpets?

1 Before cleaning, we determine the pH of the material. Determining the alkalinity or acidity of the carpet is essential to select the ideal combination of chemicals that will not damage the material to be cleaned and achieve the best result.

2. Using hover. About 70 percent of the dirt on the carpet is dry dirt. That is why carpets should be vacuumed before cleaning.

3. Removing the stains from the carpet

Rubber, oil, drinks, coffee, etc., there are too many to list! pH Cleaners experts assess and remove potentially harmful stains without damaging carpets and fabric stains.

4. Pre-treatment

The cleaning process takes time to break down dirt and sticky residue. I rubbed it with a soft brush.

5. : Hot water extraction

Steam cleaning using the Airflex Storm machine. After using the chemical mixture, we rinse the chemicals and dirt from the material with a very modern and powerful vacuum.

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